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No matter how you lean politically, check out McCain's concession speech. It was classy and unifying and I have taken it very much to heart. The election is done, and we're all on the same side again, not as tiny outposts of our political beliefs, but as a bunch of plain old people who all share a big neighborhood they'd like to have prosper, even though we all have different ideas for how to go about it. Good show, candidates. Now let's see what the future brings.

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Cory Doctorow

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Short Yet Fantastic

the archives at the now-defunct scifiction online magazine are still available:

full-length stories and novellas by silverberg, tiptree, bruce sterling, terry bisson, gardner dozois, theodore sturgeon, zelazny, octavia butler, le guin, del rey, ... this list is becoming a ludicrous who's who, so i'm going to let you go now so you can start reading.